Silver Jewellery

 Sterling and Fine Silver Jewellery

A lot of my jewellery is inspired by the natural world and particularly the ancient meanings and symbolisation of different plants.

For example the lovely, elegant Myrtle leaf with a natural White Opal cabochon ~ the lovely Myrtle, sacred to Aphrodite and thus symbolising love, is perfect alongside the natural Opal, which has long symbolised love, peace and creativity.

'Opal and Myrtle'

'Flowering Currant'

'Ivy Leaf with twisted Vine'

'Chinese Spiderweb Turquoise with Mint'

'Citrine and Lemon Balm'

'Wild Strawberry'

'Oak Leaf with twisted Vine'

'Valerian Leaf with twisted vine'

'Sage and Amethyst'

'Sage and Garnet'


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