Fused Glass

 Fused Glass Jewellery and Art

A medium I absolutely love to work with is glass. I fell in love with Dichroic glass many years ago and have since found out so many other things I can achieve with fused glass.

I am lucky enough to live very near the sea and not too far from a forest, both of these are inspirations for my work.

The following pictures come from my 'Underwater Worlds'. I would happily live underwater (if I could!) and I wanted to create the feeling of being underwater in different environments, almost as if you could swim into the item. 

'Coral Reef Miniature World Picture'

As well as small art pieces, I make miniature worlds in pendants too. I find these environments very soothing and for me it is like being able to wear a little bit of peace and happiness wherever I go.

'Coral Reef' Pendants


These are smaller more simple versions which give the hint of being underwater in a more minimalist way but still allowing that sense of peace and calm.

'Kelp Forest'

I find the deep colours and gentle moving of the giant seaweed in Kelp forests very soothing. In these ones I try to capture that gentle movement, maybe if you look long enough you might come across a Sea Otter?! :)

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