Sunday, 10 July 2016

New Flow Paintings Coming...

New Flow Paintings Coming

The desire for Flow painting has come back to me again! I really enjoy it and all my work with Star Stone Crystals recently has got me really looking at the structure of beautiful crystals. So I decided to paint some! But I pondered what would be best for the exciting, ever changing, gorgeous, uniqueness of Crystal structures ...and it came to me ..flow painting! I love doing it, it's exciting, nervy and you never quite know how it's going to turn out but it can create some gorgeous effects and it really reminded on occasion of crystals. So here's the first two...

This is of the crystal 'Charoite'

This is 'Lapis' (Lapis Lazuli)

I'll post some more soon :)

All work is my own and copyright to me. Please don't download, copy or reproduce it in anyway without my agreement. Thank you!

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