Saturday, 14 February 2015

Steampunk/SteamFae and other things 'Alice'

I love watch pieces, particularly the small fiddly bits that are a pain to work with but they look like little jewels until you get up close. I have so much fun with vintage things that I'd like to post pictures of a few of my pieces I've made a long these lines. Along the line of pocket watches, this also includes many things 'Alice in Wonderland', for this I love to also include vintage miniature playing cards. Some of the loveliest ones I have, included vintage German pieces, there are some wonderful character in these.

Vintage watch faces, optical lenses and vintage German miniature playing cards. 

 A hair piece, which can be used as a fascinator, a brooch or a hat piece.

A similarly themed necklace including a vintage watch face, optical lens, vintage miniature cards and Dragonfly clasp.

This pieces is again a fascinator style hairpiece. It's called 'The Knave of Hearts he stole the tarts' as you can see from the image ;) Again it's made with the vintage German miniature playing cards.

A SteamFae toadstool house! I love this, it's so much fun :)

 SteamFae Faery Door Brooch this was a lot of fun to make! :)

 Steampunk Tiara with watch pieces and quartz crystals, this one has strength AND sparkle! :)

 Another very sparkly Steampunk Tiara, I love making ones that you can't really see that it's watch pieces until you get up close!

'Cycles of Nature' SteamFae brooch <3

I have so many more photos of these, I'll post some more another time :)


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