Other lovely people to go and visit!


On Crystal Wings - ***Fulfilled Wishes Aura Sprays also available here*** - Belgium based website with wonderful Crystals, Jewellery, Books and now Aura Sprays!! :)

Save Our Seals Fund - A percentage of some of my work goes to this wonderful charity, please go and visit them and see what they do.

Walter Bruneel- All artwork for this site is done by him. You can visit his wonderful, inspiring work

Hilary Stanley- Wonderful workshops, beautiful jewellery and many, many other things, including news of the next Purple Dragon fayres.Visit Hilary here ..

FAE Magazine ~ A wondeful Faery magazine and lots of other faery goodness, including very special events, a festival and sooo much more!!
Happy Children Lotus Foundation - Supporting children in Vietnam. Please visit

Hannah Banana Bakery Amazing vegan cakes and treats. Just go look at the beautiful special occasion cakes she does!

The Shamanic Fire Path - Personal coaching, Seminars and Holistic Healing -

WAKE Project Educating people about the Ocean's ecosystem. Please visit

Starlight Centre - Meditation, Holistic Healing, Seminars, Trainings, Ceremonies and much ,much more

What is Health & Wellbeing? - Julie's website on her return to health and how you can do this too. Please

More links to come soon...

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