Holistic work & Feng Shui

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Feng Shui                       
Feng Shui is the ancient knowledge of creating ideal living spaces. It translates as 'Wind & Water', which refers to the intangible aspects of a place or a space's atmosphere. Feng Shui is the ancient knowledge of the Earth and the influence it has on its inhabitants. The goal of Feng Shui is to live in harmony with the energies that surround us and to create an environment that fulfils our needs and supports our development in every aspect of life.

Energetic Feng Shui can be done in buildings, landscapes and also on the body. For more information please contact me.

Experience the soothing, uplifting and transforming qualities of Lotus oils, combined with traditional methods of relaxation and healing.

Lotus Healing                         
Lotus Healing works with the pure Lotus energy of Heaven. Untouched, gentle yet penetrating, the Lotus energy gives deep healing and a remembrance of your own origin. It invites in the Divine Light, so that you can experience completeness. Lotus Healing provides the pristine pure light, which penetrates, rinses and liberates everything. In this way deep trauma, disturbances in the energy body, and imbalances can be transformed.
  • Lotus Healing for the body     
  • Lotus Healing for the chakras
  • Lotus Healing for the meridian system
  • Solving problems at their root cause & Healing for the emotional body
  • Shiva-Shakti balance through the spine
  • Lotus Shakti healing for the base chakra
  • Transformation of deep-rooted stagnation
  • Trauma release and re-intergration of Soul fragments
All these and more can be achieved through the Lotus energy Healing and in combination with Starlight Chakra essences and the Holy Lotus Oils
*Please ask for prices, prices range from approximately £15 to £45

Indian Head Massage
This traditional technique, based around the head, face, shoulders and back, is not only considered to benefit hair and scalp but also to have a much more holistic effect for the whole body and psyche. Some of the main benefits of this treatment include:
  • Soothing of physical tension and emotional stress
  • Easing headaches and reducing frequency
  • Relieving eyestrain
  • Aid in restoring concentration and reducing tiredness
  • Deep relaxationIncreasing joint movement in the head, neck and shoulders
  • Improving hair growth and hair condition
  • Improving scalp problems 
Prices start from £5 for a 10 minute Taster session
Head and Neck Treatment (25 minutes) £15
Full 40 minute Treatment £25

Through connection to the universal energy, this ancient technique helps your body to revive it’s own natural powers of healing. It is a holistic treatment designed to work with wherever your body needs energy and healing the most. This can sometimes initially be different to where we first think, due to occasional underlying issues we might have that need resolving before we can begin to heal. This is a non invasive treatment, done fully clothed with the client in whichever position is most comfortable for them.
20 minute treatment £15
Full 40 minute treatment £25

Meridian Balancing Massage
The Meridian Balancing Massage is a whole-body massage, which gently stimulates the energy flow within the body. The practitioner strokes along the meridians of the body in a specified way, balancing the meridians and therefore the entire body. Unlike with other massage therapies, there is no pressure involved at all, so you can relax and enjoy the soothing and refreshing effect on your body with no worry of any pain. It is particularly suitable for those who have sensitive skin/muscle conditions and cannot cope with normal massage.
This can also be done in conjunction with the Lotus Healing energy for a particular deep healing and balancing of the body and the meridians.
25 minute treatment £20 

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