Aura Sprays

Due  to circumstances the Aura Sprays are currently extremely limited ~ what I have will be for sale in the Etsy shop as it becomes available. If you have any questions please ask but at this time I wont be able to do any more individual requests and bottles sizes will probably be only the 100ml I currently have in stock. I hope this will change again sometime in the future.

For Violet Flame Aura sprays please contact Hilary Stanley the violet flame lady! All of these will be made solely for her to sell now.


Some aura sprays are also available in Belgium/Europe through *On Crystal Wings*
All the essences now contain crystal energies - The information on here is being gradually being updated, please bear with us!

Please also note that 20% from some of the aura sprays goes to various charities.
This includes The Save Our Seals Fund (link to come) in Scotland from the Mermaid sprays.
The White Spring and Chalice Well from the White Spring and Red Spring aura sprays.
(more info on these to come soon)
Archangels & Archaeia:
Michael & Faith - Protects you and gives you courage and peace through transition. It clears blockages to help bring joy through trust in the Divine.
 Jophiel & Christine - Brings clarity of thought, connection to the Divine and transforms you through knowledge of your true self. It stabilises you through your journey, bringing peace and joy.
Chamuel & Charity - Brings in the Divine Light of Unconditional Love. It soothes the fire in us, nurtures us and helps us to find emotional balance by accepting or giving help without expectation.
Gabriel & Hope – Stimulates your inspiration, letting you receive messages, reassurance and confirmation for any guidance needed. It clears away learned patterns to bring out a childlike purity of spirit.
 Raphael & Mary - Helps you connect to the beautiful regenerating power of Mother Earth. It removes the built up layers of time to bring you back to Nature and give you a space in which to heal.
 Uriel & Aurora - Supports you in changing negative thought patterns. It promotes insight and understanding, helping you to step out of your own judgements and see life from a wider perspective.
 Zadkiel & Amethyst – Balances intrigue and curiosity with wisdom. It begins or assists the transformation, through Divine Love, of earthly desires to a stronger connection with your higher self.
 Sandalphon & Cybele – Wraps you in the earth and everything about her. It helps you ground and travel within the earth to work with those who live here or work within this place, from the Elementals to the animal spirits. It helps clear old energies and regenerate life, love and growth.
Haniel & Venus – Helps to open the heart to the Divine beauty of life in all its forms. It removes any fear that clouds your sight and love helps the true wonder of the Universe shine through. Through this, it shows you the beauty in yourself, others and all around you and this knowledge brings joy, harmony and peace.
 Jeremiel & Hosanna – Opens you up to life and helps you see the beauty in life through love and light. It brings joy and fire but in a balanced, calm and healing way, helping you clear away the old and bring back the truth.
 Metatron & Constance – Gives you the strength to knock down old structures and brings a still, clear space in which to build up the new. Grounded, meditative, regenerating and calm, the new will be built on solid foundations.
 Azrael & Mercy – Helps to blow away the cobwebs, clearing blockages in your path. It balances the emotions, allowing one to see things from a different and transformed perspective and then move on to the new with love and wisdom.

Earth - Brings you back to the Earth and the cool, damp soil of forests. It connects you with the elemental life all around you, gently grounding, reminding you of where you are now and of the interconnected nature of life.
 Air - Helps to cleanse, refresh and blow away the ‘cobwebs’, allowing clear thoughts. It also creates a space to heal and grow, free from grey clouds or obscuring mists.
 Fire – Brings the element of Fire into your aura. It will cleanse, purify, free ‘clutter’ from your space, remove negativity or attachments and give you the driving force to bring your light through
 Water - Creates a calm, tranquil and meditative space. It frees the mind from distraction, allows the thoughts to come into line and opens the flow to channel creativity in a focussed way.

Fairy Energies:
FairyGarden -Surrounded in Nature, a space out of the hectic flow of life. Regain your balance, your joy, your eternal youth and love of life. Dance around the garden, free the smiles and laughter, free the love in your heart and feel that love returned back to you with added sparkle!
 Rainbow Fairy -The beauty of light after rain, it heals the heart with joy. A bridge, a path to a new place, growth with clarity and direction. See your success, your pot of gold, but also see the beauty of your path to reach it. Supported by the Earth and Nature and well as the light of the Heavens, travel your beautiful path with love, peace and joy.
 Fairy Dreams - Lift your spirit up, let go of your fears and worries and float away in peace, calm and serenity. Return from your joyful dreams refreshed, renewed and ready to continue your beautiful dance.

Mer/Mermaid Energies:
Mermaids' Treasure - Flow, movement, Joy and Song. Light, fire, water, earth and air, the far horizon. Love, reach untouchable places, hold your dreams in your hands. See the treasure you hold inside become reality and marvel at it's beauty. Only you can hold yourself back from your dreams, let go of your fears, let your true creation be free, sing your beautiful song.
 Mermaids' Joy - Joy in freedom, play with abandon, because you CAN. The sparkle of light on water, the music of it's movement that fills the ears, heart and soul - The song that flows above and below. The beauty of scents carried across the waves. The bliss of still waters, the power of the raging storm. Take joy in all that is already around you, realise the true beautiful bounty of the world as it is and as you are in it.

Universal Love – Helps bring Divine transforming Love and Light to you and all situations. It transforms and balances the emotions, helping you see the beauty and light in yourself and in others. It opens your heart to the gentle all-encompassing joy of Divine Love.
 Love’s Fire – A combination of the Universal Love and Elemental Fire. It gives strength to Love with a stable Fire. Cleansing and purifying, it removes negativity and gives you the driving force to bring your Love and Light through.
 Love’s Labour’s Won – Helps you to breathe deeply and wash away fear with beautiful golden-orange, sunlight energies. It balances the Sacral Chakra and clears old energies, making a joyful space for the new.

Crystal Combination Essences:
Love & Compassion – Universal Love and Compassion. This soothing and uplifting essence transforms the negative and stagnant into a positive flow of love, forgiveness and peace.
 Crystalline Sunlight – Bright and shining, this essence carries with it the joy, healing and peace of the sun. Bring in the positive and let the darkness melt away in the light of the sun’s rays.

Divine Energies:
Shiva-Shakti – Brings the Shiva-Shakti force through you to help you bring your will/creation into action.
 Ganesh’s Successopens the heart to Divine Love. It removes negativity and lifts the spirit up, helping one to realise there are no blockages in your path, no obstructions keeping you from your goals. In Divine Light and Love, everything is possible and success is already waiting for you.
 OM- This spray brings stillness, clarity, transforms negative energy and opens your connection with the Ultimate Source.
 Heaven & Earth Connection -This spray brings a connection of Heaven and Earth energies through the chakras. This helps you to fulfil your task with Divine Love and work towards bringing the wonder time of Heaven on Earth.
Light of Heaven - This spray helps to bring through the Golden Light and Energy from the Heavens. It can bring this beautiful Divine Light into your being or a place and can also help to prepare or open up new places. It flows into all the places where the light is trying to break through, gently helping to remove resistance and allowing the light stream in.
Sacred Incense- Blue Lotus, Rose, Elemi, Sandalwood, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Myrrh, Frankincense and essences of Selenite, Rutilated Quartz and Lapis Lazuli - Honour the Divine within you, honour your true life path. Become the temple where you transform your desires and create a space of love, peace and joy, where your whole being is one with the Divine.

Divine Mother - The boundless love of the Divine Mother brings a warm, stable nurturing environment aiding growth and gentle transformation. It reminds you of all that you have and of that which is truly important. it helps you understand that the only way to live is through the beautiful love of your Heart and helps bring balance and clarity here to help your soul's light shine out brightly.
 Quan Yin's Compassion & MercyA beautiful gift of Quan Yin, Divine embodiment of compassionate love, forgiveness and mercy. It helps bring balance, open your heart and mind to the true blessings in life and to see the goodness in all beings, including yourself. It promotes self-forgiveness and understanding and thus makes room in your heart for the forgiveness and compassionate love of others. Pink Lotus, White Lotus, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Cardamom, Vanilla, Sandalwood, with essences of Diamond, Rose Quartz, Emerald, Jade & Pearl.
Goddess Loving and loved, gentle yet strong, fierce yet serene, wise yet ageless. She is keeper of hidden mysteries, serious yet full of light, love, joy and play. Bringer of creation, she is in all that is created. The Goddess is all women and all women are the Goddess, be who you really are - the Divine Feminine. - Pink Lotus, Golden Lotus, White Lotus, Blue Lotus, Rose, Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Tonka Bean with essences of Diamond, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Emerald and Jade.
Muse Helps clear away the past and stagnant energies. Brings fresh life, knowledge and helps new creative inspiration and your own light flow into the space. With elevn plant components plus the crystal Jade, it is also strongly connected with the Master number 11 and the energy of inspirational guiding light.- Pink Lotus, White Lotus, Golden Lotus, Blue Lotus, Neroli, Mandarin, Sandalwood, Cardamom, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Frankincense with essence of Jade
Aphrodite - Divine Goddess, beautiful soul. See your true beauty, see the world around you and feel it's beauty. Inside and outside are one, you are within the world and the world is within you. All is beauty, all is Divine, bring your true, beautiful light and let it shine.

Avalon Essences:
Light & Life ~ The White Spring - The gift of life is yours, nourish the world beloved, as the Mother and Father nourish you. Live free, inspire, create, breath life, support and flow. Let the seed in your being blossom and grow, let light in, shine light out. Breath and dance with a wild spirit that is your joy, your life and your LOVE.

Her Gift ~ The Red Spring - Every step you take, the Mother is with you. You walk on her, she flows within you. She gives you her strength, her blood is offered to you, her joy is part of you, her life and yours are one. Open up to her, feel her strength, feel her Love flowing within you, her Devotion all around you, accept her sacrifice as it is not pain, it is Beauty, it is Strength, it is LOVE.

Dragon Energies:
Healing Dragon - Through connection to the deep wisdom of the Dragons, this spray brings healing through the Earth and Fire. It burns away the past and old, hindering energies with a gentle, loving fire and lifts up the knowledge hidden deep in the Earth to wrap around you and protect you in your new space or path.
Dragon Flow - Through connection to the deep wisdom of the Dragons, this spray brings healing through the Water and Fire. It washes away unnecessary things allowing you to move with the flow and the flow to move within you. It aids clear vision and self-expression and helps brings balance inside so you can remain at peace no matter which way the flow takes you.
 Dragon Flight - Through connection to the deep wisdom of the Dragons, this spray brings healing through the Air and Fire. It blows away the cobwebs and things that might be obscuring your sight and lifts you up to help you to see the whole rather than only a part. When you see clearly it also helps you to soar freely and your true dreams to take wing and fly, bringing them into manifestation.
 Dragon Fire - Through connection to the deep wisdom of the Dragons, this spray brings healing through the element of Fire. It cleanses all - burning away the past and old, hindering energies with a powerful but loving fire. It energises your whole being and helps give you the strength to bring your whole being through. It revitalises your inner fire, helping you put your fears away and to gain the confidence in yourself to follow your true path.

The Seven Rays:
Violet Flame – The Seventh Ray and St. Germain - Helps to purify and soothe your nature and to transform your senses and your spirit.. It also grounds the highest form of your Being into you.

Universal Lotus:
Chakra Balance -This spray helps clear blockages and negativity, bringing inner calm and allowing light and love to flow through you to balance all the Chakras.
Clarity – Clears away old energies from rooms/auras/chakras and lets things begin afresh and see with clarity.

Pure - Helps cleanse and soothe the spirit, putting all cares and worries aside. It aids in connection with your higher self, allowing you to realise and focus on your true path.
Relax - This spray helps clear blockages and negativity, bringing inner calm, aligning you with your higher self and allowing light and love to flow through you to balance all the Chakras
 Energise - This spray uplifts and supports you in shining your light brightly, filling any darkness with light and transforming it. It brings the desire for action and helps bring in the positivity and understanding to truly believe in yourself.
 Love - Helps connect you with your higher self and the supreme unconditional love of the Divine that resides within you. It helps cleanse the heart from old wounds to allow your true self to shine more brightly. Be one with yourself in LOVE.
 Protection - This spray surrounds and protects you, helping dispel or shield against negative energies. It helps ground your true being into you more firmly and strengthen your will to your true path.

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